1. Red Planet
    San Francisco, California
  2. NRA
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Mensen
    Oslo, Norway
  4. Puffball
    Västerås, Sweden
  5. "Demons"
    Stockholm, Sweden
  6. New Bomb Turks
    Columbus, Ohio
  7. The Dragons
    San Diego, California
  8. Million Dollar Marxists
    Ottawa, Ontario
  9. Gitogito Hustler
    Kyoto, Japan
  10. Pink Swords
    Austin, Texas
  11. I Walk The Line
    Helsinki, Finland
  12. Black Tie Revue
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  13. The Spunks
    New York, New York
  14. Bob Burns And The Breakups
    Stevens Point, Wisconsin
  15. The Mansfields
    Colorado Springs, Colorado


Gearhead Records Elk Grove, California

Established in 1993, as a famous underground lifestyle magazine, the label released it's first full-length record in 2000. Gearhead is a heady mix of high octane punk 'n' roll, vintage pop culture and the grease of American car kulture all rolled into a unique brand of clothing, music and media. ... more

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